Monday, March 6, 2017

March Madness Understatement

My gosh how time has flown by! I realized I hadn't posted since January. January! But I have very valid reasons. Very valid. Here they are:

1. I've been writing for hours on end. (Ok, that's not true, but it sure feels like it!)
2. Reading frenzy - I started reading more YA books to gear my arsenal (WHY??? Just wait...I'm getting there later! Calm yourself!)
3. Tomorrow my mental break ends - what does THAT look like? Well...NOT writing for hours on end and adjusting back to being an "adult". (Ew...I know.)
4. My first Writers Conference!!

I've worked hard on my new YA Viking fantasy draft scoring a word count so far of 41k since I started it on Jan 19th. And everything God said He would help me with, He has and beyond. When inspiration hits, and you go google said inspiration to find that what you're thinking about is actual fact (flowers, names, etc) it's like AHHHHHHH...(*cue angels singing*) Needless to say, I did have to go back through the 9 chapters written and do a tense change and create more detail/world building. (Thank you to Shallee McArthur - she is amazing for pointing it out early!) NEXT WEEK - I promise to make a book collage of some very dark and interesting inspirations!

Which brings me to #2! I wanted to be further inspired with amazing fantasy worlds so I didn't miss a beat. And that's pretty much summing up #2.

#3 - This just means I won't have my mornings anymore to sleep in (did I say that?), and work on my book at my leisure. I'll be back to my old title: NIGHT WRITER. I think I need like theme music for that.

While on my #1, I found out through FB there was a writer's conference for SCBWI in Seattle! I looked over the itinerary and the sessions weren't what I was looking for. But then, another thing came up: Seattle Writer's Workshop! Basically a 1-day conference and the session choices were AMAZING and PERFECT to what I'm looking for!! I signed and am awaiting May!! 

Usually I close with a list of things, but I'm in a rush to get back to my WIP. Here is a QUICK list of books/movies/things I have done since last time!
Read: Jennie Bennett's SNOWFLAKES AND KISSES, Bernard Cornwells THE LAST KINGDOM, Elizabeth LaBan's THE RESTAURANT CRITIC'S WIFE, Carrie Butler's AS WE KNOW IT (Awesome books!)
Reading: Sarah J. Maas THRONE OF GLASS, Kate Elliott COURT OF FIVES, Kendare Blake THREE DARK CROWNS
Movies: Labyrinth (David Bowe's tight-crotch pants were distracting, even my oldest was saying how he was tired of seeing "it"), Stork (cute!)
Things: hikes to cold beaches, parents vs. kids volleyball at elementary (I'm super competitive and rolled my eyes at timid mom's barely hitting the ball. HIT IT, DANG YOU!), cleaned out never-will-read books, and never-will-wear purses (you're welcome thrift stores)

Love your guts,



Bish Denham said...

Sounds like you've been busy is a good way. Hope you get nibbles on your submission.

(LOL) had to laugh at your comment about Bowie in Labyrinth. (But I do like the movie!)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad there was a workshop with your name on it.
God gave us gifts and when we use them, He makes things happen for us.
Good luck with submissions and keep writing!

Pat Hatt said...

Sure sounds like you are writing away, hopefully the submissions go great. Have to hit the ball lol no other way.

Elephant's Child said...

Busy times.
Good luck with the submissions.
I am so in awe of writers...

Sarah Foster said...

Very awesome that you've been getting lots of writing done! Good luck with the submissions!

Nick Wilford said...

Wow, you've definitely been productive. Sounds like everything is going on. Hope you enjoy the conference!

JoJo said...

Time is really flying by again. I can't believe it's already March.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

A Viking fantasy - that sounds exciting.

Mark said...

Awesome! I've got a Viking manuscript as well that's with my agent right now. It's a great era to write about! :)

The Silver Fox said...

Wow, no wonder you haven't posted! But it sure sounds like you're getting a lot accomplished!

DMS said...

Sounds like you have been very busy! No wonder you haven't been able to post as much as usual. Awesome job with everything. Sounds like 2017 is very productive so far! Good luck!