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Finding Your Niche

 When I first started writing to be published, I wrote this book that really couldn't be pinned down to one genre. Now, looking back, I still can't quite figure it out. Maybe it's contemporary, or magical realism, or suspense magical realism...I mean it was a little out there with what it could do. I ended up moving on to chicklit, then young adult fantasy, and finally young adult romcom. How did I get from one end of the stick to the other? I write what's filling my head with story, I guess. But what I do know is I feel like I'm in my wheelhouse when writing romcoms. And I think when my writing was more practiced in YA fantasy, though I loved the creativity through world building and magic, the voice was teetering between wanting to be humorous but not doing it so my writing was taken more serious. I even found myself trying to write like other YA fantasy writers that were doing more purple and literary proses. It was like I was trying to fake it almost?  On my sec

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