Finally Breaking Ground

 Last year, I wrote how I was finally finding my way in romcom. At the time my camping YA  was doing pretty good out in the query trenches. I'd spoken to an agent who was new-ish, as she wasn't so much new to the industry but new to taking on her own clients. I was one of the first queries sent to her the day she opened. She read the book in a matter of days and we were on a phone call and I was doing an R&R, a simple one really, and then another call and then... she left that agency, went to another, and her content request was absolutely opposite of what I was writing. Wa-wa-waaaaaa.

Oh the suckville!! I started to do the doubts. All the doubts. But, I also started to see that adult romcoms were fairing way better than YA. A lot of agents were complaining about low teen book sales. I told my writer friends that though it was tempting to want to write to the niche that was booming, I wouldn't fake it. Unless an idea came to me that was that crack in the sky.

The next day - crack in the sky while brushing my teeth. Then I couldn't stop thinking about it. Then I couldn't stop writing it. It came out like blood pouring from a bullet wound. Hmmm... bad analogy, but anyways, you get the point. I sent it out and for the first time in forever (now that song will be stuck in your head, right?) I was getting instant full requests. I've currently had over a dozen and it feels fantastic to finally feel seen. I know this doesn't mean I'll land an agent - I'm not that naive - but I do know that I've hit something in my writing journey and it smells like progress. And I'm all for the progress!


WONDERFUL news. I will keep everything crossed for you.
Tammy Theriault said…
Thank you so much, Elephant's Child!!
This is so wonderful and inspiring to read. I completely agree with you that you can't force yourself into a genre, but how cool you found an idea that would fly!
Yay!!! No one has worked harder than you at crafting a wonderful book I am sure will be fantastic!
Windetta said…
Thanks for being a constant source of motivation, encouraging growth and exploration.

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