Monday, February 9, 2015


Last week I talked about going to a conference vs. getting a new motorcycle.
Click here to see.
Thank you to everyone who cheered me quietly or loudly about my decision...
Then I got "Honey, take Wednesday off." "Why?" "Let's go off island..."
A few hours later, THIS happened:

OMG-ness!!! Right??
Not only did I get a new motorcycle, but my hubs bought me a Harley!
It's so ridiculously loud it made me squeal!
I LOVE this man!!
Plus, from everyone's suggestions on doing a "biker" theme for my A to Z challenge, I decided to mesh my idea with your idea which looks a little like this:
 How to be a wanna-be writer + biker stuff =
transforming a biker to a wanna-be writer
Whatcha think? You likey? You want wingy? Too bad! I ate them all! Muahahahaha...

Last of all, I probably won't see ya'll till March. I'm taking the LOVE month to LOVE on my book, (plus finish a beta read) so I can give it some over due attention.
I'll caress it, wine & dine it, and put my fingers ALL over typing that is. Perv...

Questions for you:
1. What's something you got that made you scream to the heavens "YES"!
2. You likey my A to Z theme-y?
3. If you're doing the challenge, did you pick a theme yet?
4. Are you going to miss me while I'm gone?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

IWSG: Making Hard Decisions...Only YOU Can Help!

About a 1 1/2 years ago I learned about this little thing called a writer's conference. Say what?? And then I learned the majority of my blogging buds go to this particular one called Storymakers. Shut the front door!
I know.
Over time, I was told by them how I have to go! Not only would I get some worthy knowledge, but some worthy kinships in person. Whoa. Imagine that. Plus 60% of my relatives live in the SLC Utah area, so visiting them would be added bonuses. Score!
In November a few writer friends and I made plans to room together. Pillow fight!! But like flies we all dropped out for different reasons, except one...sorry Jennie! Solo pillow fight?
So what stopped me?
I sold my passion called a motorcycle in December and my hubs promised me a bigger badder one next year. Well, next year is here people! And bikers are already out and about on the island. NOooo! Yeah, and when I hear them go by, my biker angel wings break off another feather.
So, the hard decision...
Storymakers or Motorcycle?
Have you MET me??? It's obviously a motorcycle. Why? Because Storymakers isn't going anywhere. Say what? Yeah, it's like there every year. And so will my blogger buds. And so will some cool workshops. And if you have NO CLUE what it feels like to ride a motorcycle, let alone be the driver, then you have NO CLUE how obvious the decision is. Plus, I've done some hardcore brainstorming plot ideas during rides, it's crazy the clarity you get!
But you can hop on, and I'll give you a taste...
To that I now say...2016 Storymakers baby! And the BEST PART??  A writer's association on the island JUST started monthly writer workshops! Holy crap! And I'm going each time and trust me, I'm going to peruse those crowds making some local writer friends, too! Happy leather chaps dance!
photo credit:
Tara Tyler and I were talking about the A to Z challenge and us being on C. Lee McKenzie's AMAZING Head Muffin Team to regulate the list. I said I've never done the challenge. This year I'm going to, plus be a regulator. She suggested a theme would help make the posts go smoother. I have a couple I can think of but maybe YOU know a better one that you want me to discuss.
 Here is your voting moment!!
 WHAT would you like to see be MY theme for


Monday, February 2, 2015


PIMPBOOKMAMA here saying when
two men come to your blog,
you pull out the fondue, chocolate, and strawberries...for a snack of course.
And then, interview the crap out of them.
Especially when they come baring gifts in the form of a princess, ghost, magic and an ancient needle. Otherwise famously known as the book

And now, the fondue...

1. An alpaca, shears, needle, and Princess Tyra...GO!
David: Shawls look to be fashionable again this year. Maybe we should consider making one that's lined with pockets on the inside. That would be nice; Tyra loves pockets. Maybe we should throw in a slip-stitch for good measure. You never know when a rogue fabricator is following your thread.
Michael: Shawls are fashionable? Maybe I should get one. Seriously though, Princess Tyra doesn't know how lucky she is to live in a castle where her tailor can make fashionable gowns without taking measurements.

2. Who would you say is more "magically" inclined between you two?
Michael: We each have our own unique magical gifts; and when our powers combine, we make a force to be reckoned with.
David: *first bumps Michael* Wonder Authors Powers activate!

3. Suggested snack & drink while reading Woven?
David: Lingonberries and brambleberries are Tyra's favorite. Nels enjoyed a good helping of asparagus stew. And we wouldn't stop you from having a meatball-eating contest...
Michael: I wouldn't suggest eggs; Tyra might be offended.

4. Come up with the coolest Knightly name (attach cool village name at the end) for yourself.
Michael: Sir Sparklypants of Discoham...Now I feel like dancing!
David: Have you seen my blog? I'm already a knight in most corners of the blogosphere. Maybe I could run with Sir Earthquake of The Cosmic Laire (can I count a starship as a village?).

5. The village idiot of Avërand has spoken. What did he/she say?
David: "Is that a ghost in front of you, or are you just happy to see through him?"
Michael: "I'm Batman!"

Fondue Challenge: Fill in the Blanks!
David:  Rescuing Nels was a feat in itself! I never thought Tyra could possibly help. But I guess in Avërand anything goes. Or at least I thought, when that happened. Next thing you know Fargut will be totally out of bee barf. And trust me when I say, that's just the PG version.
Michael: Rescuing a ghost was a feat in itself! I never thought a needle could possible sew life. But I guess in the Great Tapestry anything goes. Or at least I thought, when that happened. Next thing you know Ichabosh will be making dresses out of unbreakable thread. And trust me when I say, that's just the PG version.

And now the chocolate and strawberries: 
Find David P. King here: Facebook  Goodreads  Twitter  Blog
Find Michael Jensen here: Facebook  Goodreads  Woven Website  Woven Facebook Page
Wanna read more?Find Woven here: IndieBound  Amazon  Barnes&Noble  Books A Million! Rakuten  iTunes 

A special thanks to David & Michael! SEND THEM SOME BLOG-LOVE!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

MY LIVE, not so really but kinda, INTERVIEW WITH BRIAN MILLER

It was a dark and stormy night...
Busily at Wally-world, I tried to find a gun to protect myself in this cruel dark world, till I accidently ran into a spiked hair. "Ouch! Watch where you're going!!" I about yelled, till Brian Miller smiled saying, "You here to get a fire arm too?" I adjusted the strap on my high heels, ready for action. "Every girls gotta have a little something something for the purse, you see? So, we doing this?" "Oh, it. Is. On."

***this interview is designed to test the creative writer's mind. No candy was harmed in the process**

1. It's time to rule the world!! Name the world & people.
Why settle for a world...There is a universe to conquer...and it's mine...all mine...
Wait, is that on a cat poster? With like a cat hanging from something?
A hairless cat maybe...with a pinky to his lip...or was that the bald guy with the cat...
No, no, give me your phone. I could've sworn I texted the cat hanging pic to you. See? It's right next to...

2. Wait, whoa, where did you take that pic?
Chances are it was in the classroom. I generally wear costumes when I teach... so the head dress, loin cloth and beads are a usual thing...
True, but I wish you would've considered buying adult and not kids size...
Err...yeah...this always happens when I try to do the laundry...

3. What Expendables character are you?
Brian VS. Jason
Lee Christmas of course...I mean if Stratham cut his hair into a Mohawk and put on a few pounds we would look like brothers...
And if you gave him some kids size loin cloth, head dress, and beads - I'd be a happy woman.

4. Nerf?
Or Nothing! Every couple of weeks we have a full scale war in the holds vs. adults, adult vs. adult, kid vs. kid...until the last one standing, or we accidentally break something of my wife' which point we get grounded...
Ohhhh, I'm sorry. That's a typo. I meant to write NERD. But please, continue...
Oh I love much flavor in those little candies...Willie Wonka knows what he is doing...
*shoots Nerds bullets everywhere* It's like little BB's that like seriously hurt, right?

5. Is that a suit your wearing?
Never. I worked in banking for several years and the day I walked out the door for the last time I swore off ties if you are talking about the spandex...
*shoots nerf gun* No, I mean the rubber suit for the Nerf battle. BRING IT, MILLER!
Pyew...Pyew...Pyew...wait, wait...I need to reload...
Your pyews are pyewenie, listen to this: *shoots smallest Nerf bullet ever* BOOOSHHHHH!!!!

6. Dude, are you going to share?
Fine, it was a college thing...and I did it to win the girl...which I did...yes, yes, yes...I danced ballet...and have 6 college credits to prove it....
Now I get it! When you did that little plié to an arabesque and then ended in a sauté just to Keanu Reeves Matrix your way from the Nerf bullets, I knew I needed to offer you a spandex body suit instead.
Can I have a cape and mask too? I totally have this dream of being a superhero...thus taking I could do these cool move...which will make it nearly impossible to stand up in the morning...
I would if I didn't think you're covering up your love for ballet, not superhero-ism. *Lifts up his shirt, finds spandex body suit with 'B' on it* I know that's not for Brian. I know it...

7. I must ask if your feet are going to be on the ground, your head is there to move you around,  so stand in the place where you live?
Just face north and think about direction of course...I never saw REM in concert, but I would have loved too...
Me, too, but I'd probably be asleep. A sleep where my eyes would kinda be like rapidly moving behind my eyelids, you know?
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...huh? Oh wait, are we done already?


Ha, at the end of it all, here is what I know... always pack a big Nerf gun and a lifetime supply of Nerds candy...cause you never know when you might have to defend yourself from ballet dancing wanna be Native American (first nation) school teachers with a superhero the way, B stands for...wait, if I tell you it will give away my secret identity...and should you ever get shot by Nerds, its a whole lot of buckshot...and you will not be able to sit for a week...or here is to standing in the place where you live.

*reloads Nerds-Nerf gun* RUN MILLLLLLER!!!!! I would say fly off but the cape is currently shrunken and being used as a loin cloth on Mr. Christmas. Meeeeooow.

WOW, Brian! You survived!!
Now please accept this badge in honor of your mad interviewee "skillz".
How did he do, guys? Fav part? Non-fav part? Semi-fav part? Quarter-fav part?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Where Are You? You MUST Tell Me!

I love talking to people about anything. How they met their spouses, what they're writing, how long it takes them to write a book, what their job is, why their unhappy/happy, why they never returned my text... you get the driffy.
Let this be your phobia!!
BUT NOW, I want to hear about YOU.
Yes YOU!
I'm giving you 4 easy questions. 
Answer ALL of them if you...dare!!
I double-dog, no, triple-dog dare you to answer all 4 questions because you're so awesome!
In fact, I'll even take that dare and answer them, too!
1. What are you reading?
(reading means reading so it doesn't have to be a book!)
2. What are you writing and tell me about your progress so far?
(this could even be a grocery list)
3. One thing you hope to finish/do before 2016?
(big or small; anything!)
4. If we were to meet in person, how would you greet me?
(just know, I high five hard)

1. I'm reading the Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards, the Rifters by MPax, Flesh Eating Zombies and Evil Ex-Girlfriends by Rachel Scheiffelbein (my 1st zombie book!), and the Whidbey News Times because my oldest son was in it!
(I'm a "mood" reader. Hence why more than 1 book listed)
2. Writing 3 books with 1 on hold. A children's with Janet Reyes (Jay Noel's wifey) that we just started, a YA with Elizabeth Seckman that we're drafting when we have time to (we're busy girls), and an adult contemporary with myself (we really see eye to eye on stuff) in draft mode, too.
3. I'd love to meet a writer I haven't met (I have a few in mind...), and do my first query before 2016.
4. If I met myself, I'd have a head convo because I feel like I'd be able to read my own thoughts well. Just a feeling...