My Fall Entertainment Media FAVS!

Let me just say - I LOVE FALL!
You can call it autumn, but pffft... I call it fall. According to Wikipedia, it's an interchangeable meaning. In your face autumn word lovers! Besides, when people fall, I laugh. Hence why I gravitate towards "fall" as my seasonal word.
Don't pretend you didn't snicker at that one!
And this season has brought us so many CRAZY GOOD entertainment media choices.
Here is my fall-overrules-autumn-votes-
OK, whoops! Let me start over...
HERE is MY list of my fav FALL (not autumn) entertainment media hits!
(play that funky music white boy! <--- don't you just love naïve people!)
KONGOS: "I'm Only Joking" (I BLARE this song made for Kongos anything!)
HOZIER: "Take Me to Church" (Blare and sing loud! Yes!!!!)
MILKY CHANCE: "Stolen Dance" (head bopper!!)
TV ON THE RADIO: "Happy Idiot" (love the different feel this one gives!)
BIG DATA: "Dangerous" (gives me an 80's vibe I miss!)
LORDE: "Yellow Flicker Beat" (so dark and beautiful!!!)
SIA: "Chandelier" (so crazy freakin'
MUSE: "Madness" (ANYTHING Muse does is instant gold...this is NO exception)

(play that funky show blue monster... ?? <--- was that politically correct enough?)
DEAD AGAIN - seriously, I just want to re-investigate with them so bad!!!
BROOKLYN NINE NINE - genius comedy. omg....
LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON - I LUST this show...that's bad.
THE VOICE - proof that looks don't make the talent...people do.
SLEEPY HOLLOW - never a dull or "sleepy" moment!
SONS OF ANARCHY (SOA) - not enough space to say how genius this show is. Holy CRAP!

(I'm aware they're tons more, but not that I want to see. THESE I want to see.)
BIG HERO 6 - saw it, loved it, cried; caring is the word people!!
DRACULA UNTOLD - turned to hubs "we HAVE to see that!", got the "yes" nod back.
THE BOXTROLLS - just looks fun!


**Now it's YOUR turn! What are you listening to, watching, or craving to see in the theaters? Any of my selections your selections?

When Patriotism Hits You Hard

Last Saturday the kids and I went to the Veteran's Day Parade.
What I didn't expect was the emotions I went through. Tissues, please! 
My Dad. Vietnam War Veteran and biker.
Oak Harbor, WA is a Navy town, tried and true, so being patriotic is everything here. Most peeps know I love motorcycles and ride mine everyday I can. And at this parade, the combo of patriotism plus motorcycles hit this small island in a huge wave. CHECK MY CLIP:
Hundreds of veteran bikers came out to the parade. I was in hog heaven I tell ya. My emotions were spilling over with admiration for them and their service, getting me all choked up. (Biker humor)
Many bikes adorned themselves with flags
One bada** biker even parked his bike during the parade and approached an elderly man leaning against a light pole decked out in his navy cap. "Sir, thank you for your service," he said looking him dead in the eyes. I nearly lost it. Many more nodded in respect to the Navy men walking by, and in return they would nod back. Agh! The respect was killing me! Tissues!
Then as the parade was held up and barely moving, we walked down to the other end of downtown, (it's small, takes like 5 mins if you stroll, 1 1/2 briskly) to see why. I was submerged in a sea of Navy men and women wearing their dress blues passing me. And I about cried.
Now that I'm approaching mid 30's, they appear like babies. Just kids. And I thought it's not fair. Their too young!! It was hard to face them and not think maybe that person won't be alive months from now serving his/her country. Again, their just kids!!
Downtown Flag Display
 When we approached the end of the parade, I was awe struck with the American Flag held up in the middle of the road and each veteran motorcycle club taking turns to stop, acknowledge the Navy commander in the raised podium to the left, and then ride off. I included a clip of it. PLEASE WATCH:
When I saw the first set do it, I literally teared up, and my heart sank. How amazing. Happy Veteran's Day. And thank you to those who have served and who are still serving. You're everything to this country being safe.

IWSG: Reviving Blogging

Operator: This is 911
Tammy: Yes, I'd like to make a report.
Operator: What seems to be the situation, ma'am?
Tammy: *breaths heavy* I, um, opened my blogger and, um...
Operator: Ma'am, are you alone?
Tammy: Yes.
Operator: Okay, just start over and calmly tell me what happened.
Tammy: *takes deep breath* I opened my blogger and NO ONES BLOGGING ANYMORE!! Oh my gosh! Please help me! Help me!
Operator: Ma'am, you're not the only one calling about this...

"A tragedy has set here in Bloggerville. Many are outraged, wondering where the bloggers have gone. Why less writers are posting. And most importantly, where all the awards, bloghops/fests have vanished to. Here are our five top MOST WANTED reasons of why the epidemic."
Everyone wants to get their book out in the crowd. And with more Indie writers blossoming, books are hitting the pavement faster then a $2 hooker, and on everyone's posts.
Remedy: If you're going to promote, promote with spunk, snazz, pazzaz, bazzaz! Make it fun, and not lengthy!
2. TIME!
We work, we child-rear, we cook, we pretend to be on the toilet but really reading; the list is endless. So where does the time go?
Remedy: No one said we wanted a blog novel. Just touch base and say what's going on in your world. Sometimes we just want to know you're still breathing...and not on a ventilator.

But, oh! What will I write? I have nothing to say.
Remedy: pffft...that book you just read and hated, you could have told me so we didn't waste our time! That little sales trick you just learned, share it fool! The movie you're stoked to watch, hey! Maybe we are too! Stop being so uptight and RELAX!! We don't need your sophisticated talk on writing all the time.

Some bloggers are too clicky, only commenting on their fav circle of writers. Or only comment back on certain people. Cold shoulders unite!
Remedy: Have we forgotten how much we should support one another? Other then in book sales? Imagine your blog like a house, invite some biznitches over!! Talk about bloggers, meet bloggers, get out there and swing like two couples completely drunk and vulnerable! End writer clicks!

No one invited you to the party? Oh! That's because they're a rare commodity these days. Mep.
Remedy: Get out there and blog hop/fest and hand out awards to you're hearts content! Why not? Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! That was how we met people, how we all did something awesome on one particular day and boasted about on our sidebars! Or got a cool award and bragged about it because awards are fun! Make up this crap again, people!

"We can only hope that viewers everywhere will blog again. We are looking, and always on the hunt for new information from bloggers. Be it for entertainment or just journaling your day on writing. Even down to a good ol' interview for fun. Get out there everyone and blog!" 


PIMPBOOKMAMA here saying hoodies aren't just for fall season.
 They're absolutely fantabulous for stalker mode. Trust me. I've had many a stalkers when I invited these three hot women, M Pax, PK Hrezo, and Rachel Schieffelbein, to my pimp-pad. And we've been scoring each on their hoodie attire from creeper to date-able stalker.
But alas, we also gabbed about their books like crazy!

1. What dinner are we eating while you market your book to me?
M PAX: Stir fried eggplant and basil with mammoth chunks. How can we not try extinct meat frozen in a glacier for millennia? Who can say no to that?
PK: Lobster, lemon butter for dipping, baked sweet potatoes, and asparagus drizzled with a delicate cheese sauce. To drink, we have both white & red Bordeaux. And of course we'll be discussing Titanic & Woodstock.
RACHEL: Roasted zombie eyeballs (meatballs) and brain cupcakes.

2. I bought the book! Time to sign. But with what?
M PAX: A cat claw dipped in a solution of ground up lava and pine tar.
PK: I'll be using my special decoder pen that writes in invisible ink. Beneath my signature will be a secret code for you to decipher. Before I leave, I will gift you with instructions on where to buy your own decoder pen to view the invisible script now on your copy of my book. You will, in fact, have to travel overseas to obtain this decoder pen, so I will also gift you with a plane ticket and travel per diem. After all, that's how highly I treat my fans. *giggles*
RACHEL: The blackened blood of the last zombie I killed.

3. I just ooh-ed and aah-ed over your amaziness. How will you prevent MY stalking?
M PAX: I'll invite you to stay. My yowling cats won't let you sleep or think straight. You most likely won't accept another invitation.
PK: Your desire to stalk is of course understandable. Now that I've already sent you overseas on a decoder pen mission, I won't have to worry about that. Good luck getting back into the country, you wacko! LOL
RACHEL: I have a pet zombie chained in my yard. He pretty much keeps the crazies away. (But you, of course, are always welcome!)


M PAX: Gayle went to the eye doctor in Richmond, VA during a sharknado. She was wise, but a bit too tasty. It wasn't till in a shark's belly she realized maybe it wasn't her, but time dust sprinkled on her by glittery aliens that made her this way. Glitter monster boys were quite intriguing in every sane woman's eyes, so why not her? No really. Why not her? Her only reason? All that glitters isn't love.

PK: Gayle went to Tammy's writer retreat resort in Richmond, VA during Tammy-fest. She was wise, but a bit smitten by Tammy. It wasn't till she met Tammy that she realized maybe it wasn't her, but Tammy's incredible talent that made her this way. Tammy was quite intriguing in every sane woman's eyes, so why not her? No really. Why not her? Her only reason? She could never live up to Tammy's greatness.

RACHEL: Gayle went to a shoe store in Richmond, VA during Black Friday. She was wise, but a bit bored. It wasn't till she went to try on a shoe that she realized maybe it wasn't her, but her mother that made her this way. Shoe shopping was quite intriguing in every sane woman's eyes, so why not her? No really. Why not her? Her only reason? When her mom turned into a zombie last spring, she ate both Gayle's feet.

Wasn't that fun?? Did you totally stalk us?
What did your hoodie look like so we can judge it??

Stalk, I mean, purchase now to support your fellow hot bloggers!!

M PAX: The Rifters is available free until 12/31/14.  Amazon / AmazonUK / B&N / Smashwords /Googleplay / iTunes / Other Outlets

PK: Induction Day, Butterman Travel series #2 just $3.99: Goodreads / Amazon / B&N

Rachel: Flesh Eat Zombies & Their Ex-Girlfriends is .99 thru Halloween. Goodreads / Amazon / B&N / Twitter

IWSG: Permission

Recently I went to a training for managers at work.
The topic: Overcoming Mistakes.
What?? But I swear! I didn't make the mistake, YOU made the mistake...
by thinking I made the mistake.
See? It's all good now.
I'll admit, some trainings I feel I'm IN the Peanut cartoon literally listening to the teacher do it's "wah wah wah" sounds. Yeah. This one was up there. Till one thing hit:
I'm going to make this quick and pain "wah wah wah" free. In the writing or personal world we create, we hold a certain standard of ourselves and others. We generally won't admit them, but come on, it's there. But from now on, the change that will move you forward is the word: PERMISSION.
And not just giving, but ALLOWING yourself to ASK for permission. What?? Okay, here's what I mean. I want to write when the kids go to bed and the hubs watches TV, but I feel it'll take that special time we see each other for more than an hour away. I texted him how important my writing is to me and how I wanted that bit of time to write when I needed and asked for his support. And he of course said "I support you, honey!" Once I heard that green light, I was guilt free. I knew he was okay, and now I was okay.
Now to GIVE yourself permission looks more like this:
  • It's okay she's a size 2 because I won't break a bone when I fall in my size 10 pants.
  • Tonight I just want some SOA time, and I'll write another day.
  • This stress zit builds character, not awkward looks...staring right at it.
  • Who cares if I don't write daily. I'm my own writer at my own speed.
  • Yeah, I still don't get punctuation do's and don'ts but so what? I don't get paid to.

The best part of allowing and giving yourself permission in life, it's a relaxation technique freely available.
Allow and Give yourself permission to be you and to work more towards who you are and not who you want people to think you are, or who you admire. They're already taken. Always be your lovable self. That's what we grew to admire in the first place.
What's one thing you're going to give yourself permission on, or ask permission about?