My Sins Revealed

When DL Hammons tagged me to talk about 7 sins,
I immediately thought of like 69.
"Only 7? That's (pulls out calculator) 62 I can't take a position on."
But he kindly reminded me with blushing cheeks that it was
Getting out of my down-dog yoga pose, I began my quest in


GREED - What is your most inexpensive book?
I've been known to pass a bookshelf at a business or an apartment's rec/reading room with a book or two on my way out. "Excuse me, do you work/live here?"  *starts sprinting* "I'll never return it! Ever! Suckas!"

WRATH - Who's the author you have a love/hate relationship with?
Any author that creates a series and makes me wait for the next book to release... you guys know who you are! I wrath you!!

GLUTTONY - What book have you devoured over and over again with  no shame?
Hands down my Betty Crocker Cookbook. Seriously!! It's the only book I A) read over and over again B) devour...well at least the outcomes. I don't think I've ever read a novel twice. Not my thing.

SLOTH - What books have you neglected to read due to laziness?
How to be a millionaire. How to obtain a perfect body plus personality in an hour. How to be #1 and never have to go #2. The list is endless!

PRIDE - What books do you talk about most in order to sound like an intellectual reader?
The Bible. Not only can I tell you where you came from and why you're here, but where you're going. Dang, I'm good! Treat me right and I'll personally knock on heaven's door to get you out of hell. Was that an intellectual analogy? I'll never say. Mwahahaha!

LUST - What attributes do you find attractive in a male or female character?
Alpha males with big ... wait, PG13... hearts. For a female? Dominatrix personality with brute honesty. They make you say dang! with a giggle while the men make you say dang! with a hot flash.

ENVY - What book would you like to receive most as a gift?
Call me selfish but, I'd like to receive mine (one hopeful day) in the mail from a big publisher saying "Here's the last one we could find. Looks like we need to reprint at least a billion more." To which I'll reply, "Again?"

How would YOU answer any of these questions??
Let me greedily envy your prideful answers full of lust for the slothful things you wish to wrathfully have while feeding off your gluttonous ways.
Just saying...
p.s. if you're looking for a post topic, steal this one! It's fun, and legal :)

My Live, not so really but kinda, Interview with Peggy Eddleman

It was a dark and stormy night...
I walked a lonely alley to score a fix. A smell wafted passed my weak nostrils. I inhaled deep, closing my eyes. Agh...fresh cookies. Suddenly, Peggy Eddleman stood in front of me with a plate of dark chocolate chunk cookies glistened with a sugary like powder. Peggy smiled cunningly and said, "You know you want it." I did. I so...did. But, a few questions first!
1. Wrestle me? What's your wrestler's name, special move, and one liner?
I'm always up for a wrestling match! I am the Cookie Monster, my signature move is the Crumbler, and my one liner is "Bite me!"
I'm sensing a theme, but unsure. *finds cookies in middle of ring* Wait. Is this a set up?
*whistles* Why no. What would make you think that?
2. You just threw your stuff across the room in anger. Why?
Because there was a spider crawling across it. I had to get that mobile vial of poison imbedded in a vile creature of darkness cute little guy as far from me as possible.
Use your "crumbler" move on it. How's that go again?
Gggeeehhhuuurrrggghhh! Use the Crumbler on it?!?!?!?! *shudders* Why would you even suggest that ?! No cookies for you! (said in Soup Nazi voice)
I hate my life...
3. I can______ with my ______.
I can draw a picture of a hedgehog caught in a mudslide with my eyes closed.
*pulls out fuzzy blindfold from purse* I, um, keep this for you know, emergencies. Anyways lets test that talent?
By "emergency" you mean "emergency nap"...Right? And, okay. *Slips on fuzzy blindfold* Ooo! Soft! I can see why you'd carry this in your purse. I'm feeling an emergency nap coming on already. Oh, wait. Ahem, I'm I the middle of something. prepare yourself for some world-class artwork here, peeps. *scribble scribble* Tada!
4. We're signing up for a meeting. Choose one!
A meeting of the minds. But only if it comes with head massages.
I already having a headache knowing about it.
Hence the head massages. :)
Touché?? You're freakin' blowing my mind already!

5. Ben Affleck: Batman or Heck-no-man?
Who am I to condemn anyone for their lifestyle choices?
Well, you're the cookie monster with an arachnophobia and impeccable hedgehog mudslide skills. You sound so bland when said out loud.
Ahh. Yes. The bland bio that is anyone's bane.

6. Um...what's that in your hand?
What? *nom-nom* What are you talking about? *wipes crumbs off mouth* I don't have anything in my hand.
I knew it! The purse was thrown as a decoy! Where are you keeping the rest? Where?! Why am I addicted to them??
It's all because of my mad baking skillz. And, let's face it, my mad hiding skillz.
MIND BLOWING! Ok, let's hit that meeting...stat!

7. Did you get my invite?
Shh. I thought that was just going to be between me and you!
It was, till you hid those amazing cookies. Now I'm tempted to expose what it's for! Don't make me do it!
I think that to be a good friend, I better cut you off now.
Look, I'm gonna hide and try to find the hidden cookies. I have to become the cookie to get the cookie. Shhh...

overkill? nah...

8. If I wore camouflage, could you see me?
Only if you wore the sparkly nail polish.
*looks for nail polish remover in purse* Dang it. I forget every time. I'll go change.

9. Bust or _____
Wait. Didn't you get that backwards? Like "Anywhere with warmer weather or bust!" Because if not, all I've got is "Bust or Angel Dust." I'll take the angel dust, please! I know the stuff sticks to you like glitter at a craft fair, but those creepy eyes in bust statues always follow me wherever I go...
I think you were taking angel dust before I even asked you the question. *sees a hill-billy riding a unicorn walk by* Oh man, you laced our cookies didn't you?
Well, um,...okay. Yes I did. Angel Dust is highly addictive when combined with chocolate chips. But the hallucinating? That's all you, babe,...Or maybe it's just the reflection off that glitter camo outfit you changed into to match your nails.
Hey now, I was only matching the glittery stuff on the cookies. BECOME the cookie!

10. I hate to make this personal but where did you come from, where did you go, where did you come from cotton-eyed Joe?
*I'm doing a jig as I sing this, fyi* I came from the revision cave to get some Christmas ham, that's where I came from, twinkle-eyed Tam.
I'm totally hallucinating on your angel dust cookies, Peg! *nibbles her leg* Did you say eat a yam?
But don't you just love the twinkle they put in your eye? It's rather festive.
*rubs burning eyes* Agh! I freakin' have glitter in my eyes! Oh my gosh! It burns, it burns!!


After spending the day with Tammy, I learned that everything comes down to the cookies. And back around to the cookies. Cookies are powerful things! And with great power comes great responsibility to watch out for your fellow nibblers. because, no matter how tasty they may be, cookies are also dangerous things, and should be wielded with extreme caution. Especially when it comes to eyesight and angel dust. I also learned that I shouldn't flippantly throw around blindfolded drawing skills...But most importantly, Tammy looks properly Christmas Glittered now. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

*runs down alley* My eyes!! My festive glistening eyes!! *hits wall, drops to floor, sees cookie crumb* Hey look! Crumbs!

Wow, Peggy! You survived!!
Now please accept this badge in honor of your mad interviewee "skillz".

How did she do, guys? Fav part? Non-fav part? Semi-fav part? Quarter-fav part?
1/8th fav part? Non-semi-kinda-little-bit fav part? Peggy-was-here- fav part?

IWSG: A "So Sue Me" Kinda Writer...

-Tammy Theriault maker-uper of slogans

I break the rules of writing/being a writer everyday.
I do so many things other writers would cringe about.
Here, let me show you.
(Steps onto box crate with soap in hand):

I don't write daily. I call my book I'm working on a book, not a WIP because I have a dirty mind & manuscripts are for movies. I write when not burnt out from writing/typing at work, so maybe once a week. I can get 2k words in & call it good like I wrote a whole chapter but find it was half a chapter. I don't like word counts, but chapters, & highlight in my book to see what your word count means in chapter terms.

I've opened a book to remember how to do "proper" dialogue punctuations before. I've Googled the difference between CP & beta readers, but call everyone my beta because like the fish, you tear up my stuff either way. I don't read daily or I'll get tired of it. I read stuff no one here does like about mafia gangs, non-fiction, or the idiots guide to the bible, etc. & not what's "in" unless you tell me to personally. Since I love you guys, I read your books first to fully support your passion.

One time, Jay Noel taught me about all your confusing writer terms through messenger. He popped my writer's jargon cherry...sorry Janet. I still think premise & prose mean the same, & voice is their personality.

I feel like a million bucks when asked to beta because you trust me. I'm a mildly gentle beta reader with suggestions, instead of the "where to improve" only comments. I don't do vague. I put down anything I'm working on even when I'm in the best flow just to focus solely on you because of that trust.  

I read the beginning of "Save the Cat". 3 chapters later-called it a day. Not for me. I like my style because it suits my needs. I believe self help books for writing create the guidelines to use but not the creativity. Books today need more creativity, and writers need to write how they want sometimes & ignore some rules.

I revise before moving on when drafting almost every time I open my doc up; I literally can not just write to the end and THEN revise. I need to re-read 3/4 of the last chapter to get the juices going and back into the mood. I think my stuff sucks and need reaffirmations by one person willing to be my go-to cheerleader. Usually a personal friend.

Critiques suck...admit it. I want the problem fixed now & won't let my book "simmer" because I have no patience & I'm not cooking. Instead, I'll ask my beta if they'll  brainstorm with me, exploring several plot options, and we end up creating something wicked good. It's amazing fun! In fact, every beta person I've done it with really liked the brainstorming technique. No joke. I'll even do it with anyone stuck or just wanting to try it. Hit me up! 

i purposely do not comment in caps, because it slows me down, and would text talk if you'd let me, but u guys wld prob hate tht. I wish someone would write a book in text. Not the LOL or LMBO stuff, just regular text and see how quick the read is.

Lastly, I want to spell okay the original way - ok. Because only through my writers friend do I feel "ok" isn't acceptable. Guess what? I read a book and they said OK. So, I'm back to ok and I'm ok about it, ok? without the caps, too.

(Gets off milk crate and looks at soap) I suppose you'd like me to rinse my mouth out with this soap for all the blasphemous things I said, but I won't.
I guess I'm just a "so sue me" kinda writer...

Your turn...what will you admit to that "breaks the sophisticated writer rules"?

My MS Gets The BIG 10

10 spanks. 10 smooches. 10 quickies. 10...OH WAIT!
10 questions about MY MS that Vanessa Eccles tagged me in? Thanks, Vanessa!
Introducing my WIP, MS, BOOK...PIMPBOOKMAMA!!
PIMPBOOKMAMA is all about the journey of newbie writer, Cindy Sikes. Think Legally Blonde for the writer, not lawyer, but with kids, a husband, a sense of humor...and more issues than Playboy. Stop it dirty mind! And that beloved nemesis, the evil Jekyll and Hyde CP.
Come on, we all know one we secretly want to send a virtual virus to!
In my life and yours! It was one of those moments when you sit back and say "I should write about this bologna." Then you put the bologna on the bread and say, "or I could just write about my experiences as a writer."

The setting is present day in my city, Oak Harbor, WA. It's not a big deal, but it helps me ground the story more. Plus I hear if you write about a small unknown town, you can help it live long and prosper. (*coughs* Forks)

Her voice. It's comparable to those sex line commercial girls. Kidding! She has my sense of humor. Her internal thoughts are so right on the mark of what a girl thinks without the sugar coating. I'm keeping it real!

Decaf coffee. She knows it's the "fake stuff", but she also knows it creates the no hangover headaches, too! But if it were up to her, she'd really like a tall mug of Charlie Hunnam.

Now why isn't shake the sense into them until their head falls off an option? I'd go with two extremes. The head shaking off or hugging them till they gave in and cried about it. Bethany Pratt is evil for very deep emotional selfish reasons.

Flirty, comedic, emotionally sensitive.

7. IF YOUR MC COULD HAVE ANYTHING IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD IT BE? That would give away too much about the book. You gotta read to find out and see if it happens. You may think, pffft, it's a book deal. But it's not... it's something way deeper.

Too many! But, instead I'll give you 3 sneaks into her "voice":

1. (inner thought when hubs offers tip on writing when she' the mood)
Girlie parts disengage.

2. “So, you want to 'ground' me, huh?” I smooth my forefinger along his suddenly muscular arm that when I’m in the mood looks way bigger than I remember. “I’m game. Right after this dinner night, stud. Heck, I’ll even throw in this here apron. And only…the apron.”

3. The good thing is, with Jax gone, I’ve been able to violate Bethany’s code. The “I breathe, crap, lick, and do porno’s with my books” one.

I'm gonna use a Dr. Seuss quote: "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." It's all about the self discovery  and what/who truly is important.

My fav fairy tale growing up: One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes. It's all about jealousy and cruelty towards Little Two Eyes for being who she is and given gifts along the way. In the end, Little Two-Eyes has the "and they lived happily ever after" with a prince BUT the sisters come to the castle and repent for their actions towards her. And all is well in fairy land once more! (cue twittering blue birds happily flying)

I'm passing this coveted questionnaire off to my writing collab partner, Elizabeth Seckman, and anyone else BRAVE enough!! Come on peeps!!

My Fall Entertainment Media FAVS!

Let me just say - I LOVE FALL!
You can call it autumn, but pffft... I call it fall. According to Wikipedia, it's an interchangeable meaning. In your face autumn word lovers! Besides, when people fall, I laugh. Hence why I gravitate towards "fall" as my seasonal word.
Don't pretend you didn't snicker at that one!
And this season has brought us so many CRAZY GOOD entertainment media choices.
Here is my fall-overrules-autumn-votes-
OK, whoops! Let me start over...
HERE is MY list of my fav FALL (not autumn) entertainment media hits!
(play that funky music white boy! <--- don't you just love naïve people!)
KONGOS: "I'm Only Joking" (I BLARE this song made for Kongos anything!)
HOZIER: "Take Me to Church" (Blare and sing loud! Yes!!!!)
MILKY CHANCE: "Stolen Dance" (head bopper!!)
TV ON THE RADIO: "Happy Idiot" (love the different feel this one gives!)
BIG DATA: "Dangerous" (gives me an 80's vibe I miss!)
LORDE: "Yellow Flicker Beat" (so dark and beautiful!!!)
SIA: "Chandelier" (so crazy freakin'
MUSE: "Madness" (ANYTHING Muse does is instant gold...this is NO exception)

(play that funky show blue monster... ?? <--- was that politically correct enough?)
DEAD AGAIN - seriously, I just want to re-investigate with them so bad!!!
BROOKLYN NINE NINE - genius comedy. omg....
LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON - I LUST this show...that's bad.
THE VOICE - proof that looks don't make the talent...people do.
SLEEPY HOLLOW - never a dull or "sleepy" moment!
SONS OF ANARCHY (SOA) - not enough space to say how genius this show is. Holy CRAP!

(I'm aware they're tons more, but not that I want to see. THESE I want to see.)
BIG HERO 6 - saw it, loved it, cried; caring is the word people!!
DRACULA UNTOLD - turned to hubs "we HAVE to see that!", got the "yes" nod back.
THE BOXTROLLS - just looks fun!


**Now it's YOUR turn! What are you listening to, watching, or craving to see in the theaters? Any of my selections your selections?