Monday, November 23, 2015

Tis the Season for Respectful Napping

The week has come for the Turkey to officially die and burn in hell. Oh, darn it. I meant roast in the stove. Where are my manners! And for all us parents, this is the time when our young ones pay us no pity as we begin to respectfully doze off after that big Turkey feast. For they will be the ones waking us with every little nuisance possible. JOY!!

I just bought stock in sweatpants as we speak...

In the meantime, I look forward to baking two Pinterest desserts for the Thanksgiving spread, watching some Football, and continuing the week with trying to do several things unsuccessfully:
1. work out more than 1-2x this week
2. edit more than 1-2 chapts
3. not raise voice at 1-2 kids
4. not gain 1-2lbs more
5. not whine about something 1-2x an hour...or so it seems.

1. Do you have a dish you favor for Thanksgiving?
2. Plan to be unsuccessful with anything this week like me?
3. Can we hug and cry together over it??

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Really Real For Really Place to Really Be!

Buenos dias todo me gente!!
Whoops! I let my Spanglish side get out. Back! Get BACK I say!

This week I'm totally honored to post on my favorite authors, beta chickies, girlfriends (and not girls who are friends *wink*), and mis  Phew!

Ze Vundervul Elizabeth Seckman, Tara Tyler, and Ashley Chappell at

 Monday's Post: my surprisingly worst/best Halloween costume ever + thrifty costumes I created

Wednesday's Post: my coolest/easiest/scariest/funniest menu for Halloween

Friday's Post: the Lists of Halloween! From movies, books, and to-do's for kids/adults

Hope to see everything one there to support me, and these fab girls' new blog!
Make sure to follow them!


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Monday, October 12, 2015

My SCARIEST Moments!!

When we think of Halloween season, we go for the ghosts, ghouls, gobblins and other things that go bump in the night or start with the letter "g". Like "Gangham Style". Yeah, that's scary!

Last night, I was daydream driving (a usual pastime) and thought of some of my most SCARIEST moments in my life. The kind that make your heart drop to your toes then sling shot back. Your palms go clammy with anxiety. And, if your bladder is full or weak...well, let's just save us some dignity on that one, shall we?

Here are my TOP 4 SCARIEST MOMENTS in the past 10 years...

1. I'm at a stop sign, ready to turn left during snow/icy roads season, but an Expedition has other ideas as it turns in my direction going way too fast, hits the curb, spins, then goes for my driver's side. My hands go up to protect my face as I scream. BOOM!! We get out and she goes hysterical as I start calls to my dad and husband because she realizes... I'm heavily pregnant. 9months along. When she says it out loud, I remember and ball like a baby. (Luckily I was ok, she was ok, and I enjoyed her insurance checks but now I'm like super overly cautious when driving on snow.)

2. I had this weird umbilical hernia. It's on your inner belly button and makes some foods no fun, or tight pants. One day, pulling a solo at work, it starts to hurt. Real bad. And it's bulging. I mean...bulging. I get faint, sweaty, and nauseous like I'm gonna pass out. Again, I start making calls to my mom and husband, and since the ER is across the street I'm gonna just walk my happy butt. Instead, I almost fall down the stairs, somehow drive across, park, admit myself, then throw up several times before I pass out on the ER bed with a hernia the size of a "broccoli head". The worst part was when I was in and out of morphine doses, I heard my husband tell our friend how scared he was. (After surgery, I was told if I'd waited any longer, I could've died. Whoa!!!)

3. I think most people have had this one, or similar. Going on the one lane highway here on the island, doing 50mph in the rain with the kids in the car, I spot up ahead a crate fallen from a truck and three cars slamming their brakes. I slam mine and do the whole screech and spin the car in a circle trick. The car was deafly silent afterwards and I was so blessed to have no one on the oncoming traffic lane going by or we would've been toast. (The kids never screamed. Have I scared them too much for them to think that's scary? Hmmmm...)

4. This one is my most recent. I was riding my Harley home, following my friend back into town on that same highway, when a city bus decides "oh, yeah! I forgot to stop!". Four cars brake quick and my motorcycle fishtails like it's been hooked, screeching, and I'm getting way too close to my friend's bumper. My mind says, "Well, this is gonna hurt and it's gonna hurt real bad." A motorcycle going by slows down to watch the show (probably to help, too, if needed). My mind then says, "Let go!". I look at my hands and let go of the shift & brake lever. My foot lets go of the foot brake and I stop in time. Safely. My friend shakes her head in disbelief. (Talk about angels, the next car passing ambulance. Cue twilight show music)

1. What are some of YOUR scariest moments?
2. Are you like me and call the person in your family you feel is the right one for the moment?
3. Ever lose your bladder in those moments? Don't answer that if you want to save your dignity!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

MY So-Called Life...

I happened upon a show last night called, "My So-Called Life", with Claire Danes and Jared Leto. Remember that?
I watched two episodes, and flashbacks ran wilder than a drunk nudist on a beach. Here's the thing, my memory of that show is a memory of what used to be my HS BFF. Used to be because when she saw me chatting with her crush she went all bonkers but wouldn't tell me why. (I ended up finding out why years later. Ain't that petty?) She had it out for me after that, to the point where she put secret admire love notes in my locker as a joke (our mutual friend disclosed the source), and told some goth girl I wanted to fight her. (No fight ever happened, however, the goth girl did approach me but I cleared that crap up quick.)

We never talked again, and oddly enough weren't in a class together until our senior year. We sat on opposite sides of the room, and didn't dare look at one another. She also changed big time by imitating Rayanne, the best friend to Angela (Claire Danes), from the personality to the clothes. It got to the point she had just a handful of friends left...and by that I mean one hand. Not two. As for me, I was focused on soccer and boyfriends. Basically, I was too busy living this thing called my so-called life.

Since I've "aged" like fine wine and smelly cheese, I really don't take kindly to petty crap, nor do I have time for it. And just like in HS, if someone wants to be petty over something and go all drastic drama stupid, then so be it. Do what you gotta do; because at the end of MY day--I know who I am and I've been me from the start. I won't pretend to be somebody I'm not because hell, I'm somebody right now, baby. Somebody to my family, truest friends, and God. Whoa..who brought out the soap box? Put that thing away; you know what it does to me!

A close friend said, "You are the keeper of your feelings and emotions. No one can ever take that away from you because no one can make you feel or do anything...only you have that power."
BOOM! Isn't she awesome?!?!

I've friends, writer and non, who've told me some pretty crappy stories that have happened to them by their supposed friends. I can include some in there, too. And it's sad. Best thing is to apply this wonderful miracle cream called Take The High Road. Ever heard of it? It does wonders for your stress lines, blood pressure, and prevents ulcers. And once you've applied said cream, we can all get back to our so-called lives.

1. Did you ever lose a friend over something stupid in HS?
2. Has that helped you to grow & change?
3. Don't you wish some people would put their adult undies on? If so, what color would they be?

Monday, September 21, 2015

I'm Looking For Awesome Tips!

Friday night, I had one hand in the Red Vines gallon container, the other throwing back a Mountain Dew Slurpee, and my third hand (yes you heard right) busy typing up the last of my book.

And now I am done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Victory exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last time I finished a YA book (this one is adult), I didn't take time off, I jumped right in it. Well, I also had more energy then to do so. This time, I've already taken a few days off and told the hubs I think I need a wrication : writer vacation.

While I'm on wrication, enjoying hours of shameless TV, hoardes of books, and loads of cooking/baking, and family time, I'd love a little input from all of you!!

(hint: don't read other comments thinking you can't say it, too. Just say it, too! With a tu-tu. Say it too with tu-tu. ok?)

1. What do YOU do when you're done writing a MS?

2. Have any tips for me when I start revising?

3. If you were to choreograph a revisions dance, what would you call it? And can I dance it with you?