Monday, May 9, 2016

The Newest Housewife

I have my FIRST REAL POST on the Housewives blog called:
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And guess what else??
I'd LOVE for you to come support me. In fact, I've cut off the comments so now I'm nearly FORCING you to support me!
And in so doing...
You guys are like the best push-up bras...ever!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2016


Publicly, it's hard for me to dig deep and WANT to post about something "serious". It's unexpected. I know. Trust me. But as of late, a certain something has really...made me think. Really racked my brain about friendships among writers.

When I came back to writing in 2013, I felt the support from the virtual writing world, uplifting me to want to be a better writer. But to every good is the bad. There were times I felt pushed down indirectly by something said or done. As new writers, or returning, we ALL feel this.

But, I get irritated when people treat others like THEY'RE new to any of this. And if they were, why does that matter? No one should have to give out their history, credentials, or life story on what makes them a "valid" writer. Or make others feel like they can't join their "super exclusive" writing clique. Oh, the writing cliques...don't get me started on that H.S. rewind.

I harbor certain old feelings to this day, tattooed in my heart, burning fresh and new each time I'm reminded of my follies. Sometimes, I give myself enough courage and say forget it, I'm better off without those grudges. But those "sometimes" are few and far between since recent events. I really just wish for a specific closure, but I'm not sure I'll get it.

Closure. What a word to break down. Close-sure. A sure-close. If only it were that simple. If only...


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Time is Ticking Fast!

Wow! It's been a while, eh? (Look! I'm suddenly Canadian!) I figured I'd catch you up on all the GLORIOUS things that have happened to me since we last saw each other. Especially since next month is the crazy month of A TO Z Challenge!! Ok, here we go!!

1) I was invited by a white stallion carrying my invitation in the braids of his gold mane, to join the Really Real Housewives of America blog! The bells of the show are: Tara Tyler, Ashley Chappell, Elizabeth Seckman, and now ME!! I'm so excited to join my friends at their blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook group. Come by, follow, and comment!


2) I'm doing the FINAL revisions for my book: @PIMPBOOKMAMA. This round is going slower than dried molasses. But, by not working on it every day, I'm also not getting tired of seeing it over, and over, and over, and over again. Yeah, trust me. When I edit, I can super-focus on one page for an hour trying to get that perfect rhythm. EEK! Talk about anal-editor right here! Wait...that came out wrong. did that as a follow up!!

3) The sun is shining!!!!!! Look, do you know what that means?? It means Harley riding time! My hubs washed our motorcycles, shined them with love spit, and waa-laa...sparkles like a bad boy!

1) Are you doing the A to Z challenge? Theme?
2) What have you been up to???
3) Is the sun shining yet? Plans for sunny weather??

Monday, February 15, 2016

Breaking from the Norm to Find my Voice

It was the end of 2012. I started to write a YA about a girl and her mom. They needed to runaway because of some family trouble their dad endowed them with, some real mobster stuff. I wrote what I thought I should write. Hence the word THOUGHT.

My understanding then was YA is the shiznit. You want to be published? Write YA.

Every time I'd look to my writing friends for input on my progress, it was either met with "keep writing and fix it later", "you can't do that, it changes it to paranormal", or "it's good but..." It was super frustrating since this was the first book I'd written in YEARS. I knew I had it in me to write, dang it. But then, why was I struggling????

If thesaurus wanted to make money, they just needed to charge me per time I used it.

Through work, kids, and church stuff, it took me two years to finish that book from day one to edits done. Two years! It felt like FOREVER. And then, I shelved it. Immediately. Never to query. Never to open again. It shamed me.

Suddenly, my writing life spiraled, to the point I told my friend, "Dang it! I'm going to write about this bull crap!" (I probably said other words in my frustration but lets not go there.) And I did. I wrote the bull crap. I aired out the dirty laundry. I gave my MC a true villain, one you love to hate. I gave her a husband, and kids. I gave her true writer's drama. I gave her sex. Good sex at that! I told my triumphs, frustrations, tears, and pity parties through her, and filled her life with some extra twists for plot's sake. And she's snarky as hell, requiring not one thesaurus use.

I'm writing her as much as she's writing me.

Here I am, not following the norm. Not writing the YA, science fiction, romance, etc. Nope. I'm writing what suits me. I thought I had a clue what a teen would say or how they'd respond, but hearing teens nowadays, I can admit I don't have a CLUE. But, I DO have a clue what I would say. The best part is, my betas that have returned my MS so far, LOVE my new voice, the characters, and the story itself. They loved hating my villain. My first beta ever even told me, "you finally found your voice!"

Yes, yes I did.

Once I get the rest of my beta notes back, I'm combing the MS one last time, and this will be my FIRST QUERY EVER! I'm expecting 100's of rejections as I know it's the total norm, and will wait for that "one agent" that gives it a chance. I'm just excited to finally get the right story, and the right voice to even WANT to query.

1. How did you know when you found your writing voice?
2. How many genres did you write before you found your niche?
3. If I get laryngitis, will you help me find my voice again?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Lost and Found: Valentine's Edition Bloghop!!

A special thank you to our bloghop hosts: Arlee Bird, Guilie Castilol-Oriard, Elizabeth Seckman, Yolanda Renee, Denise Covey, and Alex J. Cavanaugh who orchestrated this cute blog hop about love found or love lost. Participants can either use short fiction, an essay, poem, song, etc to express their "love" experience. I'm using my old go-to: POETRY. Dedicating it to: my hottie hubs

a kiss

from you to me it passes
from me to you it goes
an enduring love we feel
a passionate warmth of flow

from you to me it passes
from me to you it goes
the soft tenderness of lips
a familiar touch we know

from you to me it passes
from me to you it goes
a moment, a new exchange
another reason to show

from you to me it passes
from me to you it goes
forever lost without them
a craving to have and hold

from you to me it passes
from me to you it goes
one day you will pass
and one day I will go

on that day that comes
on that day we go
a kiss from you passes
a kiss from me goes

By: Tammy Theriault

Every morning, without fail, my hubs will come to my bedside, kiss my forehead, and whisper in my ear "I love you" before he goes to work. Sometimes I have no clue he's doing it because I'm asleep. But, there are those moments I wake up early, and pretend I'm sleeping just to feel his kiss on my head and his whisper in my ear. I'm forever lucky to get to kiss his soft full lips to mine everyday. I'm forever lucky to have married him. And, I'm overwhelmed that we found each other. My lips to his.