Monday, February 1, 2016

Lost and Found: Valentine's Edition Bloghop!!
A special thank you to our bloghop hosts: Arlee Bird, Guilie Castilol-Oriard, Elizabeth Seckman, Yolanda Renee, Denise Covey, and Alex J. Cavanaugh who orchestrated this cute blog hop about love found or love lost. Participants can either use short fiction, an essay, poem, song, etc to express their "love" experience. I'm using my old go-to: POETRY. Dedicating it to: my hottie hubs

a kiss

from you to me it passes
from me to you it goes
an enduring love we feel
a passionate warmth of flow

from you to me it passes
from me to you it goes
the soft tenderness of lips
a familiar touch we know

from you to me it passes
from me to you it goes
a moment, a new exchange
another reason to show

from you to me it passes
from me to you it goes
forever lost without them
a craving to have and hold

from you to me it passes
from me to you it goes
one day you will pass
and one day I will go

on that day that comes
on that day we go
a kiss from you passes
a kiss from me goes

By: Tammy Theriault

Every morning, without fail, my hubs will come to my bedside, kiss my forehead, and whisper in my ear "I love you" before he goes to work. Sometimes I have no clue he's doing it because I'm asleep. But, there are those moments I wake up early, and pretend I'm sleeping just to feel his kiss on my head and his whisper in my ear. I'm forever lucky to get to kiss his soft full lips to mine everyday. I'm forever lucky to have married him. And, I'm overwhelmed that we found each other. My lips to his.

the wedding kiss that started it all

Monday, January 4, 2016

the Vain Writer

Let's see... how do I begin...the Vain Writer. How about a visual?

Them is this world full of sparkle and glitter. They bustle about in their elaborate clothing, holding hands with the one they love. Their hair is perfect, makeup just right, and laughter on lips. The men groomed to the chicest style. Where everyone is, they are; things come to them on a silver spoon, and the course is paved in gold, feeling automatically handed to them.

But you see, there's this wall between them and those.

Those do not have everything just right with sparkle and glitter. Their bare faces don't always shine with boisterous laughter. Sometimes their loved ones are further away, or not around at all. They work harder for what they want, turning coal to diamonds over time. However, they're humble and grateful for what is before them rather than full of envy and quick results.

There are "those" who are not willing to accept their plate, throwing it against the wall, mocking the hard work it took to make it. They see "them" and can't stop their wrath. Their jealousy. They shout deep, hard, tearfully, "Why not me? Why can't I be like THEM? IT'S NOT FAIR!" Rage oversees logic. They lock themselves away, willing their body to act like them, dress like them, talk like them, live like them, be like them!

The day comes, and a few of "those" breech the wall, walking among "them". They're so alike, no one knows the difference. Their world is now sparkly and full of glitter. Everywhere there is everyone. Fun, laughter, joy every second. Lights, cameras, adoration. It's all finally here!

the Vain Writer is born.

But...this isn't you. You are one of "those", not one of "them". You weren't meant to BE one of "them". And now, you have to work harder, so much harder than them to be them. And every time you slip up, they start to notice something is...different about you. You shout deep, hard, tearfully, "I want to be me! Myself! Why can't they love me for me?"

It shouldn't be about how one's writer course got them to where they are today, but how yours will get you to where you're going. No two roads can be the same. If you don't succeed, then try a different route, keeping the end point the same. Like I tell my kids, there are a few ways to get to one location, it's all about what road we want to take today. Be one of "those" that proves anything is possible with a little hard work, not one of "those" breeching their God given path and conforming.

Good luck out there everyone! Have some writerly fun this year without the hassle of comparing, yeah?

(had to do it :)~~ )

Monday, December 21, 2015

Season of Birthdays and Believers

In the few years I've blogged, I've yet to say today is my birthday. But, seeing how I blog on Monday's lately, guess what? Today IS my birthday! YAY! (I accept paypal for all transactions...kidding! I take western union...)

This is also the season of our Savior's birth. With that, every year I get super excited about Christmas. EVERYTHING joyous resounds in me. From the lights, d├ęcor, music, food, apparel, etc., I'm totally wishing every month was December.

Aside from all that... I've been thinking and reminded this season of how lowly the Lord was when born. I know the songs, I know the stories, but it never resonated fully with me till this year. I pondered a lot on a baby being born in a stable. The smells, the noise, the insects, the lack of sanitation. How could it be He was not born to Kings, to wealth, to royalty? Would we be so willing to have faith if He were? If Jesus was born to a King, would the doubters and the faithless, finally believe? They probably would.

But He wasn't born to Kings, wealth, royalty. His was of "humble birth". I believe his beginnings of being in a lowly stable, in lowly wealth, and lowly circumstances shows us that God speaks volumes. Anyone can come from nothing to something great. Anyone can have wealth in their heart when they serve others. Anyone can rise to occasions set before them. A task is neither too big or too tall. Anyone can do anything...if they BELIEVE.

I believe the Savior's birth is that constant reminder. He wouldn't have been able to do what He did if He himself was not a man of beliefs. He believed and still believes in us. We have talents, why not use them? We have voices, why not raise them? We have goals, why not achieve them? Why not do/be better instead of those things being thoughts or callous remarks to ourselves?

Religious thoughts aside, when do you start believing in you? Why not start today...

1. What keeps you from achieving your optimum self?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Perfection Bleeds Time

was thinking about how my newest book I'm writing is taking longer than I thought. It's an adult chick lit I began writing last year and used as an outlet for some pent up...crap I was feeling. It was completely lethargic and fun to mold this story in the direction I wished things would have gone for me.

I thought when I was done, I couldn't go back and do edits because mentally I had exhausted myself. Sometimes I found myself crying as I typed, because the feelings were raw and real. Other times, I couldn't stop crying from laughing so hard.

But, I started about two months ago into my edits and I was glad to see the story like it was new. I had only taken a week off, and that was plenty. My problem now is, it's been the season for three major holidays and some of my favorite TV series that I DVR. Again, things keeping me from editing. Have you noticed I'm not blogging as much? I'm literally trying to exhaust avenues but coming up short because:

1. I want it to be perfect (takes setting aside chunk of time)
2. you can't rush perfection or there are too many errors overlooked (need time to look closely)
3. perfect = better chance of agent getting (time consuming in itself)
4. me want agent (give it time...lots of it)

Running theme: TIME! Luckily, I know the secret to finding the time...(come close while I whisper it in your ear) SELF-CONTROL. EW! I know, I know. But...if I can't gather a little self control and turn off the cheesy reality show, or other distractions, because I don't feel like "adulting" right now, I will never get this thing done.
darn right I am and we are flying to Disneyworld!

Goal for 2016: have it to my beta peeps by...shoot far just in case...end of February. 26 chapters, 7 done so far... I can do this right??

1. What takes YOUR time away from stuff?
2. Do you have any goals set for 2016?
3. Can I get a little RAH-RAH cheering?? I need it...

Monday, November 23, 2015

Tis the Season for Respectful Napping

The week has come for the Turkey to officially die and burn in hell. Oh, darn it. I meant roast in the stove. Where are my manners! And for all us parents, this is the time when our young ones pay us no pity as we begin to respectfully doze off after that big Turkey feast. For they will be the ones waking us with every little nuisance possible. JOY!!

I just bought stock in sweatpants as we speak...

In the meantime, I look forward to baking two Pinterest desserts for the Thanksgiving spread, watching some Football, and continuing the week with trying to do several things unsuccessfully:
1. work out more than 1-2x this week
2. edit more than 1-2 chapts
3. not raise voice at 1-2 kids
4. not gain 1-2lbs more
5. not whine about something 1-2x an hour...or so it seems.

1. Do you have a dish you favor for Thanksgiving?
2. Plan to be unsuccessful with anything this week like me?
3. Can we hug and cry together over it??