Monday, July 17, 2017

2017 Pitch Wars #PIMPMYBIO Bloghop Entry!

Yep! You read that correctly! I've walked into the "dark" side of writing and have entered an online writing contest.


I've *flashes back a few years* been here before...

We'll get to that later. Anyhoo! Welcome to my site any new comers seeing it for the first time off the link from the bloghop! Grab a seat on the plush cozy sofas laying around, a soda, and treats. Browse around if you must, but more importantly...relax and let me tell you a bit about myself as well as my Pitch Wars Entry!!

BUT first, let's start off with a little 4-1-1 on what I can offer YOU mentors out there:

NOW, let's get down to the nitty-gritty:

Since the age of 8, I've been writing. Poetry was my elixir. Then came song writing, short stories, a play, news articles, etc. I took a four year break to focus on my very young family and demanding full-time job. I missed writing so much! In 2013, I came back with a goal to be published one day. I entered an online writing contest, WriteClub, my first, and landed in 3rd place. I was beat in a duel against an amazing author, Sarah Ahiers, who ended up winning! I did the contest to test myself. See where my strengths and weaknesses were as the entries were judged/voted on in the comments by peers. A few novels later, honing my craft and finding my footing, I'm now entering another online writing contest! WOOT WOOT!

If this were a dating app, and I wasn't happily married with kids, I would tell you how much I love going to the beach, doing outdoorsy things, riding my Harley, singing randomly anytime/anywhere, cooking, Asian buffets, and sarcasm.

DAUGHTERS OF ASH AND DUST, is a YA Viking Fantasy coming in at 110k. It's about six daughters of a warrior king, sentenced to death for treason. They must fight to restore their fallen kingdom, stolen by a cynical tyrant, and avenge their murdered parents, before their country, and people, are nothing more than ash and dust. LITTLE WOMEN meets SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNSTMAN told in 3POV'S of the eldest daughters.

So, you may be asking what to expect in my Viking tale. Here is a quick run down:

1. a wager between (real Norse) gods that sets the stakes and even creates the country
2. seven kingdoms
3. a mysterious Darkened Forest
4. lots of weapons - swords, axes, seax knives, daggers, spears, archery, etc
5. lots of using said weapons
6. bloody scenes - hey! it's Vikings!
7. Royalty, sorcery, trade running
8. death - imagine that!
9. a dark spirit with fiery chains keeping him between Helheim and Midgard
10. Valkyries, a white wolf, ravens, hawks, and falcons
11. a Royal Amulet - emerald because I like emeralds. :)
12. hate, love, family unity, loyalty, despair, treachery, and...kissing

ANOTHER question you might ask is, well, how is your prose? Here are a few lines to judge by:

1. Soon, she would see the fleet of longships gliding high across the water's glassy surface. The protruding dragon heads, carved majestically at each warships ends, would draw into the small kingdom's quiet, sleepy docks, and awaken the surrounding elements.
2. The fearful loss hung like smoke's haze as strong hands coiled around her ankles, dragging her out.
3. His skeletal fingers grazed her hair. Vileness swam around her, squeezing. "Ah, true. He is such a better king." He dropped his hand, fading into the throng of noisy villagers.
4. She banged the cross on the table, and loosened the ruby to pull out. It's size no bigger than a stitches' breadth.   
5. They continued to kiss, to taste, to entangle.

THANK YOU all for coming by!!! I've enjoyed showing you around, but the refreshments are gone, and the clock has chimed. Time to go! See ya at PITCH WARS!!


Blogoratti said...

Hello and thanks for the warm welcome and sharing your persona. Your manuscript seems like a great adventure and a very interesting tale. Warm greetings to you and best wishes!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tammy - what a great introduction to your new foray = good luck and I'll be watching from beyond the gate to see how the pitch wars go ... have fun - cheers Hilary

Natalie Aguirre said...

Good luck with the contest. Some of these really help people. And awesome how successful you were in the last one with Sarah Ahiers who is now published.

Hope to see you around here more. Miss you.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good luck!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Very entertaining! I expect nothing less from you.
Good luck. If you're up for more pitches, #IWSGPit is next week.

Deborah Falaye said...

Those teaser lines though! Tammy your MS sounds amazing and your writing is gorgeous! Seriously cant' wait to get my hands on this! Good luck with pitch wars :)

Pat Hatt said...

Look at you go, nicely done indeed. And of course some fun took seed. Would not making it like a dating profile but mentioning it not being like a dating profile be a form of catfishing? lol

klahanie said...

Hey Tam-Bare!

All the very best with your new foray. Hooray for your foray. May you do very well with the contest.

Good heavens! You've been writing since the age of 8? You really should get some sleep LOL

Gary :)

The Silver Fox said...

That was a fun read!

Michelle Wallace said...

Wow! Go Tammy!
Good luck to you!
A reminder that the #IWSGPit is on 27th July...

Heather R. Holden said...

What a fun pitch! Daughters of Ash and Dust sounds so exciting and intense. And those teaser lines! GORGEOUS. Wishing you the best of luck, Tammy!

Mark Noce said...

I must have been under a rock, I just learned about pitch wars today:)

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Chrys Fey said...

Your post was great, and your book sounds awesome! I have been hooked and wondering about it after seeing all of your Instagram posts while you were writing it. Good luck!