Monday, October 26, 2015

The Really Real For Really Place to Really Be!

Buenos dias todo me gente!!
Whoops! I let my Spanglish side get out. Back! Get BACK I say!

This week I'm totally honored to post on my favorite authors, beta chickies, girlfriends (and not girls who are friends *wink*), and mis  Phew!

Ze Vundervul Elizabeth Seckman, Tara Tyler, and Ashley Chappell at

 Monday's Post: my surprisingly worst/best Halloween costume ever + thrifty costumes I created

Wednesday's Post: my coolest/easiest/scariest/funniest menu for Halloween

Friday's Post: the Lists of Halloween! From movies, books, and to-do's for kids/adults

Hope to see everything one there to support me, and these fab girls' new blog!
Make sure to follow them!


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