Monday, September 21, 2015

I'm Looking For Awesome Tips!

Friday night, I had one hand in the Red Vines gallon container, the other throwing back a Mountain Dew Slurpee, and my third hand (yes you heard right) busy typing up the last of my book.

And now I am done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Victory exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last time I finished a YA book (this one is adult), I didn't take time off, I jumped right in it. Well, I also had more energy then to do so. This time, I've already taken a few days off and told the hubs I think I need a wrication : writer vacation.

While I'm on wrication, enjoying hours of shameless TV, hoardes of books, and loads of cooking/baking, and family time, I'd love a little input from all of you!!

(hint: don't read other comments thinking you can't say it, too. Just say it, too! With a tu-tu. Say it too with tu-tu. ok?)

1. What do YOU do when you're done writing a MS?

2. Have any tips for me when I start revising?

3. If you were to choreograph a revisions dance, what would you call it? And can I dance it with you?


Natalie Aguirre said...

Congrats on finishing your manuscript. I think taking a break like you are so you look at it with fresh eyes is a good idea.

JoJo said...

I absolutely love that dancing man video. hahahaha Esp. that it was all shot in my region.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I revise some as a I go, but when finished, I'll let it sit a bit. As for dancing, I'm all for the Snoopy dance.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Terry - had to lower my eyes ... but revising - I guess iron out all the little faults, and repetitive words ... slowly but sure and as Diane says let simmer - and then get stuck in with the editing. Dancing ... not so sure now - cheers Hilary

Stephanie Faris said...

YAY!!! I'm bad about NOT celebrating--we should all celebrate because completing a manuscript is a HUGE accomplishment. But I do like the concept of a wri-cation. I think I take too many of those already, though!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I usually start in on revisions right away because by the time I finish, I've forgotten how it began.
My tip - cut out everything that sucks.

Pat Hatt said...

I edit as I go and then when I'm done I'll take a day maybe and then get right back to it.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I do all those things you mentioned like reading, TV binge, family stuff, cleaning(usually one big project). While I'm thinking about revising, I make a list of all the things I already know need fixing and then add more once I start. No dancing.

Susan Says

S.P. Bowers said...

Congrats! Usually I take a couple days off to savor the feeling. Then I start thinking of what comes next. It may be reading/blogging/vegging. It may be editing. It may be letting the draft sit while I start something new. It totally depends on what's happening with life and how much brain power I have left.

Hope you find what's best for you.

Elephant's Child said...

BIG congratulations.
And a dance for finishing anything is a Jubilation. Sometimes with so OMG, I can't believe it spins and twirls.

Brandon Ax said...

Congrats on the finish. For me I am still learning. When I published Elemental I jumped right into book tow and burnt myself out. Then this time I have taken way too long and ended up having to restart the MS over. I think finishing and taking a small break is the best course.

Read out loud and if you have the time print it out so you can red pen it, anything to get another perspective on it.

Hmm, Dance of the Dragon and of course you can dance with me.

Tammy Theriault said...

You guys are awesome!!! Big juices kisses and pimp hugs :D

Heather R. Holden said...

Yay you! This post needs more than just victory exclamation marks. It needs victory confetti! ~\o/~

Anyway, hope you enjoy your wrication! I don't write novels anymore, since I focus solely on comics now, but whenever I finish a piece of art, I don't really take a break, haha. (I'm too obsessed with drawing everyday!) So...I'm not really a good person to give advice, LOL.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

I always prefer to met a manuscript "get cold" before going back and editing. It's easier for me to see its flaws and genius when it's not so close to my heart.


Melissa Sugar said...

I can't dance - sorry. I do take some time off, but I also revise as I draft even though everyone tells me I shouldn't. My best revision tip is to follow Susan Denard's Revision process. It's a four or five part process that is a shorter version of Holly Lisle's extensive revision course, but it really whips your manuscript into shape. I was so overwhelmed when I first attempted to revise my work that I almost gave up, but Susan Denard's step by step process showed me how to tackle the issues in order of importance. I also love her color coded system for fixing plot holes, character arc issues, pacing, setting and tension. Since this isn't your first time to revise a novel, you can probably skip many of the steps and she shows you how to do that as well. She saved my manuscript. Best of luck.

Crystal Collier said...

=) For me it depends on my deadlines. I never quit until I've finished at least a third draft, by which time the book makes pretty decent sense. Then I toss my book straight into the hands of beta readers or a content editor. No point making major changes when the plot or characters might seriously alter?

No, I don't usually take a brake.

Loni Townsend said...

Congrats! I have a highly uncoordinated happy dance which includes hopping from one foot to the other and popping my knees into the air out to either side. Only, I'm usually fully dressed when I do that...

As far as a serious revision tip, I'd recommend sticking your manuscript into a text-to-speech program and let it read to you. That way, you can pick out if anything sounds wrong, or if you used the wrong letter like he signed instead of he sighed. That helps me. :)

Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! said...

Hi human, Tammy,

Although I wish you human writers would stop using anagrams that don't mean a thing to those who aren't writers, human or otherwise, I do wish you hearty congrats on your um, MS.

My best tip to you is to not revise and just go with the natural flow. You can dance with me, human.

Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses,

Penny the pawblisher!

S.K. Anthony said...

Wrication! I tell you, you're my spirit animal . . . only human. Love the term! :D

My tu-tu is on . . . and here's what I say to my MS: Good riddance! lol for a bit. I always take a break. I print first and then make notes on the manuscript as I go, then next revision I focus on sentences, then I focus on facts, then I focus on descriptions last. I never attack everything at once for some reason . . . so maybe don't listen to me LOL

But congratulations on finishing!!! Get it girl!

M said...

1. I usually take a couple days off, maybe longer if I'm having trouble getting motivated for the next thing. The problem being, the longer I don't write, the more unbearable I become to the point of people telling me, "PLEASE go write something!"
2. Read it through first before doing anything. And have someone who knows nothing about the story also read it through. Things that are obvious to you may not be clear to the reader, and this will show you where the problems are. If the reader has questions, you need to think about how to answer those in your story.
3. Dance of the Editing Demons. And sure, why not.