Monday, February 2, 2015


PIMPBOOKMAMA here saying when
two men come to your blog,
you pull out the fondue, chocolate, and strawberries...for a snack of course.
And then, interview the crap out of them.
Especially when they come baring gifts in the form of a princess, ghost, magic and an ancient needle. Otherwise famously known as the book

And now, the fondue...

1. An alpaca, shears, needle, and Princess Tyra...GO!
David: Shawls look to be fashionable again this year. Maybe we should consider making one that's lined with pockets on the inside. That would be nice; Tyra loves pockets. Maybe we should throw in a slip-stitch for good measure. You never know when a rogue fabricator is following your thread.
Michael: Shawls are fashionable? Maybe I should get one. Seriously though, Princess Tyra doesn't know how lucky she is to live in a castle where her tailor can make fashionable gowns without taking measurements.

2. Who would you say is more "magically" inclined between you two?
Michael: We each have our own unique magical gifts; and when our powers combine, we make a force to be reckoned with.
David: *first bumps Michael* Wonder Authors Powers activate!

3. Suggested snack & drink while reading Woven?
David: Lingonberries and brambleberries are Tyra's favorite. Nels enjoyed a good helping of asparagus stew. And we wouldn't stop you from having a meatball-eating contest...
Michael: I wouldn't suggest eggs; Tyra might be offended.

4. Come up with the coolest Knightly name (attach cool village name at the end) for yourself.
Michael: Sir Sparklypants of Discoham...Now I feel like dancing!
David: Have you seen my blog? I'm already a knight in most corners of the blogosphere. Maybe I could run with Sir Earthquake of The Cosmic Laire (can I count a starship as a village?).

5. The village idiot of Avërand has spoken. What did he/she say?
David: "Is that a ghost in front of you, or are you just happy to see through him?"
Michael: "I'm Batman!"

Fondue Challenge: Fill in the Blanks!
David:  Rescuing Nels was a feat in itself! I never thought Tyra could possibly help. But I guess in Avërand anything goes. Or at least I thought, when that happened. Next thing you know Fargut will be totally out of bee barf. And trust me when I say, that's just the PG version.
Michael: Rescuing a ghost was a feat in itself! I never thought a needle could possible sew life. But I guess in the Great Tapestry anything goes. Or at least I thought, when that happened. Next thing you know Ichabosh will be making dresses out of unbreakable thread. And trust me when I say, that's just the PG version.

And now the chocolate and strawberries: 
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Pat Hatt said...

I hope sir sparkle pants hands out sunglasses so he doesn't blind anyone lol

Natalie Aguirre said...

Fun interview. And I want one of those shawls. Make me one too please now that you both know so much about weaving and sewing. Congrats on your new book.

JoJo said...

OMG Sir Sparkly Pants of Discodom. bahahahaha

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Nels can have the asparagus stew.
And I think a starship counts as w village!

David P. King said...

This stop was a true blast, Tammy. Thank you for the fondu, and also the fun do! :)

Mark Noce said...

Funny interview:) I definitely can't wait to read Woven as well:)

Sarah Foster said...

Great interview. Too funny! Can't wait to read Woven :)

Elephant's Child said...

Woven has popped into my radar a couple of times recently. Tempting. Very, very tempting.

Angela Brown said...

Tammy, Michael and Davide, this was such a FAB-tastic interview. I think the fondue is overflowing with awesomesauce.

Christine Rains said...

Fantastic interview! Tammy, you really know how to get the nitty-gritty out of your interviewees. Wow... that's a word. Spellcheck didn't nab me for that!

Loni Townsend said...

Hahaha. Magical powers combine!

Morgan said...

Hahaha!!! This was WAY fun. DPK and Michael rock. Love Woven, love these guys, love YOU, Tammy!!! :)

Tammy Theriault said...

thanks to everyone that showed some LOVE!