Monday, November 5, 2012

"MY LIVE, not so really but kinda, CHAT WITH MORGAN SHAMY"

This past week I interviewed with MORGAN SHAMY. You all may know her as the one making you anxiously await her bloghop “It’s Time to Give Back” on Dec 10-12th.
OR the really sweet girl that leaves comments to your blogs…WELL I know her WAAAAAAY different, and I think you'll learn something about her you have NEVER KNOWN!!!

***P.S. I specifically did this type of interview as a quick creative writing exercise between 2 people…in a “unique” sorta on the spot kinda way, &  because I like comedy.

1. WWE just called me. I told them no, I'm kinda busy this week, but I can recommend a friend. What should I tell them your name, character and special move is? Remember, your putting my rep on the line so don't embarrass me, Morgan!

“Er… I had to google WWE… do you mean the wrestling thing? If that’s the case, then definitely “The Morg” … kinda like the Grim Reaper (Wasn’t he a wrestler way back when? Or was it the Undertaker? ßYes, I think that was it!) and my special move would be “The Bed-Maker” … Cuz I’m making opponents lie in their own beds?  Get it? “

What? Are you going to tuck them in, too, and sing them a lullaby? Creative juices not flowing or something? Its ok, I’ll call to cancel…geez, Morgan, terrible. Not off to a good start, are we?

2. Yo Gabba Gabba...creepy or educational?
“Holy crap… definitely creepy, but strangely mesmerizing, isn’t it? All those weird creatures… and what’s up with the guy in orange? I think my fav episode is the Elijah Wood one… where he teaches them that dance… Raise your knee, raise your other knee… “
I like the one where they teach about not biting. Then I take my kid’s arm in my mouth and say “like this?” definitely freaks the little boogers out.

“Gah! And you call me terrible?”

Well I wouldn’t call you “the Morg”, that’s for sure!

3. Wanna play madlibs? Too late... give me a noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, and verb.

“Madlibs? Off to google it… I’m back… ok, downloading app…I’m back… er… I don’t get it? Do you still want to play?”

This is exactly why you can’t do the wrestling gig! Yes, fine, I’ll still play. I’ll even make it easier for you. Give me a verb and noun. For example, if you gave me the words “sucks” & “game” I would have said “Morgan sucks at this game.”

“*Scratches head* Oh! You mean like “Best” & “Interview” … Like this is the best interview ever??? Nope. I didn’t say that with any sarcasm whatsoever. “

Good. Because if you did, then I would let the bloggers know that you didn’t use a verb but an adverb. But I wouldn’t embarrass you like that, now would I?

4. Morgan?
“Hmmm? Sorry, I was watching #TVD … I mean, can we say DAMON??? *dies* “

I’m sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…I’m good. Oh, you want me to say Damon, I mean the Rob Lowe clone, dies? Ok, well, I also heard the whole show dies! Muahahahahahaha… Twilight for life!!

“Er… I’m totally going to pretend you didn’t just say that. And Googling Rob Lowe… Bah! Please. He’s got nothing on Damon. He’s missing the crazzzzy eyes, and the quirky side smile… “

I didn’t know you were referring to Patrick Star on Spongebob.  I’m sorry, what did you just whisper back? Did you just say Twilight is better but you didn’t want to admit it? It’s ok. *pets Morgan’s hair* It’s ok.

5. So, after hanging up the phone with WWE, the circus called me. I know, but I needed the extra money, don't ask. Anyways, I'm already booked at Gypsy's R Us...don't ask on that one either. Can you fill in for me? What should I tell them your act will be?

“Haha! That I can do. Actually, can my hubby fill in? He actually performed with Cirque de Soleil in Vegas and helped them create a show in Montreal… I’m serious. He’s kinda this pro rock climber and did this number with a rotating rock wall… “

Alright, I’ll make the call back. This will make up for the WWE bologna you just pulled. You have redeemed yourself. By the way, I told them you’ll be throwing knives at him while it’s rotating. Good luck!

“…  -_-  …“

6. Can I show our blogosphere, (I don't know, I think it could be square. Columbus is overrated), ok, blogosquare your "crazy leg" pose from your photos? Too late...just posted it. Any thoughts you might wanna add to that, and no the delete button doesn't work on it.

“Gah! Put that pic away! So I get a little crazy at conferences. And where did you—oh. Crap. I need to be more careful with what I post online… And whoa, whoa, wait… let’s get back to this Columbus thing. Are you serious? You do realize there are scientists and stuff that know the earth is round… “

Scientist need to be a little more careful; they could fall doing these studies. Not smart. P.S. Morgan, they make globes round because if it were square it would poke people as it spun, which is a liability. I like spinning my real globe, a square one, standing close, and letting it scratch my back for me.

“*Pats Tammy on the back* Whatever you say, dear. And Damon does look like Rob Lowe. “

Ouch! Don’t touch my back! I stood too close to my globe and it hurts! See? I told you that’s why they don’t make them square! And Damon does look like Patrick…*cue Patrick’s “duh” look now*

7. Spell icup out, it's not a trick; it's a writing practice thingy....just do it.

“*shakes head* …unless you’re talking about the new icup that Apple has developed? I hear it has the technology of refilling your cup automatically… 

What are they filling it with? Oh my gosh…gross, Morgan!!! Gross! I was talking about the new drug tests…wow, you need to do what you do best and Google that. Just sick.

“Haha! *breaks character* Now I’m really laughing… “

Are you going to pee your pants laughing, because if you are… I-C-U-P!!!!!

8. I'm giving you $10, ok, maybe it came from your purse but it's the thought that counts. Go get some fast food. What are you buying and from where? And do I get to keep the change?

“First of all, there’s no way you found $10 in my purse. Who has that kind of cash? And second… Oh! Did you see that sign for IN-N-Out? Pull over! 

No, I didn’t see the sign…but I did see a sign for a bank. P.S. again…that was actually my money. I put it in so I could make it look like you were doing something for me for once because a) I had to cancel your gig with WWE and b) you had your husband do your dirty work for the circus. Terrible…

9. Here. I found this box. Open it. What's inside? And if its money can I keep it since you technically owe me $10?

“*Chokes on my IN-N-OUT shake* Are you serious? You do realize my pro wrestling name is “The Morg” AND my hubs was in the circus, AND I’m a googling guru. You don’t want to mess with my $10…”

Say what? Remember, I know how to do the a-b-c thing. a) you’ll never wrestle in this town little lady! b) this isn’t “Water for Elephants”, circuses are not brag-able leverage and c) google “Tammy makes a phone call…”

“*Googles* Oh! Look what I found. Circuses are brag-able leverage. Ha! Two out of Three, sister! “

Don’t you DARE claim relation to me you “circus freak!” Ok, my bad, that was a bit harsh… wanna hug it out? *takes the $10 from her back pocket while hugging*

10. You just got arrested and have assumed the position against the cop car. What did you do this time as I laugh, point, take photos, and upload them to my blog to tell people why you won't be blogging for a while?

“You really have to ask me? Er… Did you forget about the $10??? It was YOUR house I broke into to get my money back and YOU who called the cops on me… “
Um…let’s change the subject. Your face is turning red…moving on to question 11. Holy crap, is that steam coming off your head? Let’s move on…LET’S MOVE ON…PUT THE HANDCUFFS ON HER, SHE’S COMING TOWARDS ME!

11. My dad once said when I burnt dinner that I must be religious because I was giving burnt offerings. So, I'm coming to your house tonight. Whatcha making me?

“You put me in jail and now you want me to make you dinner??? *shakes head* I think this interview is over… “

Wow, you couldn’t even offer me chum? That’s just rude… Hey Morgan? Your shoes are untied…TRICKED YOU…they don’t allow laces in jail! BURN!

“*glares* “

12. Last question, and I want to get serious on this one. I think this one will be a tearjerker. Grab your tissue box, have a seat, and inhale/exhale...ok...are you 2 legit, 2 legit to quit? (please insert hand motions here) 

“Haha! Okay. We can be best friends again. Anything that involves busting a move to Hammer is my soft spot. Can you crank up the music? “

I found the keys! I’m breaking you out, Morgan! Now…let’s go find some cardboard and breakdance in our McHammer parachute pants. Oh yeah, oh yeah, go Morgan, go Morgan!

“Sweeeet. Not only did I survive this interview, I survived jail, finding out I’m not meant for the WWE, and apparently stink at madlibs. Hmmm… not doing much for my self esteem, Tammy…;-) “

Don’t forget what else we learned today… you’re apparently infatuated with Patrick from Spongebob, you’re very stingy with your money, you believe everything scientist say, you wasted a good milk shake, and you peed your pants. Yep, you’re right! Not much going for your self-esteem! Now I’m going to award you a special:

*Enjoyed the interview? Think you have what it takes to complete the quickwit exercise & earn your badge? Let me know if you'd like a turn! email me at


Emily R. King said...

I don't know what to say. I'm laughing too hard. Fun interview, ladies! :D

Morgan, you're a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Love the banter style!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That was hilarious! And that thing you do with your leg... I'd break in two. Just don't put The Morg on me, please.

Johanna Garth said...

Very funny. I feel like The Morg needs to read The Big Book of Girl Stuff. I'm certain it covers Mad Libs and other slumber party classics.

Tara Tyler said...

i found out morgan is too young & eighties deprived! i know what she needs for xmas!

i have to do a madlibs blog hop now...

Kyra Lennon said...

Best. Interview. Ever!

Tammy Theriault said...

emily: i was laughing while doing it, too. good times...

julie:thanks, i thought it'd be more interesting with bantering

alex: for real right? she's got crazy flexibility! & then she'd make you fall asleep with her "Morg"

Johanna: great idea!

tara: i thought of doing a bloghop like that, too, sounds fun! great thinking!

Morgan said...

Holy crap! That picture of Damon is SOOOooo swoon worthy!!!! *stares at it for 5 minutes*


Tammy, you rock. And I'm off to display my proud badge on my sidebar...

And LOL-ing at the Morg... Watch out...

Charlie Holmberg said...

Definitely not your run-of-the-mill interview, ha! Thanks for the read!

Tammy Theriault said...

kyra: thanks so much; definitely had fun!

morgan: u kinda drooled a's all over your shirt. ok, morgan, stop clicking on my blog just to view it!! :)~

SC Author said...

Haha this is funny :)

Anonymous said...

HAAAAAA!!! Love this! Makes me want to try it, LOL!

Suzi said...

Morgan- You have really got to get a MadLibs book. We laughed for hours over those things when we were kids. :)

Anonymous said...

What a unique interview! Totally enjoyed it. :)

E.J. Wesley said...

This was amazing ... like watching-a-schizophrenic-argue-with-herself-in-the-middle-of-a-train-wreck kind of amazing. Kudos ladies, and thanks for the hilarity! :-D

Tammy Theriault said...

Charlie: thanks for stopping by!

sc: it sure was fun!

ibdiamond: if you wanna try it, send me an email! i'm all for new "victims"

suzi: i remember doing madlibs on long car rides

linda:thanks for reading! glad u liked it!

E.J. what the?? ok, i guess i could see that as funny... hahaha

Morgan said...

*clicks again just to stare at Damon*



Tammy Theriault said...

Morgan: here's a bib...control yourself woman!

Carrie Butler said...

Hah! That was hilarious. I love it. :D

Mark Koopmans said...

"The Morg."

'Nuff said... I have a new nickname for The. Red. Head.

*Thanks, Tammy, that was wayyyy unexpected and too much fun :)

I see a tagline for WWE:

"Don't mess with The Morg. She'll take you down, leaving you cold on a slab."

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

This is hilarious! OMG I love Tammy's questions. *hugs

Nicki Elson said...

Congratulations on surviving the interview - they don't call you the Morg for nothin'. Oh wait, nobody actually calls you the Morg.

For the record - that guy totally looks like Rob Lowe!

Suzanne Furness said...

I don't think I've seen an interview quite like this before! Hilarous guys :)

Suzanne Furness said...

I don't think I've seen an interview quite like this before! Hilarous guys :)

Anni said...

lol so funny!!! (And that photo of Morgan always freaks me out - I mean, how is anyone able to do that?! I haven't been that flexible since... never... )

Morgan said...

My younger sis just text me and told me she knows what madlibs is... honestly, I seriously live on another planet... one where I'm a pro wrestler and live with Damon... (Yes, his name is Damon, not Ian)

Elise Fallson said...

You guys are so hilarious! Loved this! You both rocked this interview. :D

Scribbles From Jenn said...

Great interview. It was like a live comedy show!

Cortney Pearson said...

Such a fun interview! I'm calling you The Morg from now on, lol. :-p

S.P. Bowers said...

Wow, there really aren't words after that interview. You said it all. :)

Melissa said...

A burger place called 'In-N-Out'? I bet that incites all kinds of gutter-mind jokes. hahaha Kind of like the 'Stop-N-Rob', er, I mean 'Stop-N-Go' convenience stores that used to dot every corner here. :P

Great interview! :D

Carol Kilgore said...


Samantha May said...

This is the funniest interview I've ever read! I'm not sure if I could survive one, but it's always worth a shot :D I'm a fan of the badge.

Tammy Theriault said...

carrie: thanks for reading!!

mark: you are too funny! your welcome!

michael: *hugs* back at ya!

nicki: he totally does! clones...

suzanne: thanks! it was a blast!

anni: i've never been either!

elise: thanks!!

jenn: it was a great comedy. lots of fun.

cortney: i think everyone who read this will. hahaha...

s.p.: thanks for stopping by!

melissa: too funny!!

carol: thanks so much!

samantha: you can do it!!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

This interview was insane. But fun. I'm so jealous of the crazy leg move and seriously Morgan I'm Jamaican and even I don't have to look up WWE. *Shakes head*

Now I want a turn.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Just what I needed in the morning for a jolt of energy. :D You ladies are a hoot.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Morg, you deserve the badge and the WWE contract! And Tammy, you can't pick on Morgan like that...her twins won't stand for it...will we Koopmans? You don't know what ugly is till you bring the bald Irish and the short hillbilly together for some revenge commenting!

(hehe...loved guys are awesome!)

katherineamabel said...

What a cool idea for an interview series! My inner marketing junkie was screaming 'unique selling point!' the whole time. Fun stuff. :)

Michael Di Gesu said...

This is TOOOO funny...

Love the banter ladies!

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