Thursday, September 6, 2012

Two Poems for the Price of One

While waiting on a dingy upholstered metal chair at work, I decided I would whip out my old purse size notebook and start occupying myself with a little thing I like to call "I'm so bored I wrote a poem" moment.


the disturbances of the mind
are thoughts drifting forward from behind.
i loathe the ones that hurt but
can forgive them as i shove them under dirt.
terrible ratchet mind
it reads my thoughts far behind
they say as i dine...on cheesecake
yummy... apple pie?

(...and apparently I was very hungry)


Swing my little one, swing real high
yellow dress with white polka dots glowing in the sun
up and down the bottom glides as the swing goes by
bouncing brown hair masses by as the swing goes high
laughter fills the bowels of my little one
smiles go for miles on the lips of my little one
as the swing goes by
so high mommy! too high mommy!
laughter fills the air
creak of the swing on the branch
as the swing goes by
my hands are tired, my body worn
but joy of my little one helps me
make the swing keep high, swinging by
swing my little one, swing real high

(was remembering the times at my parent's house swinging my littlest girl in her Sunday dress)

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