Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two Becomes One, One Becomes Two...

Sitting on a park bench are two. Two people that know each other and have for many years. The sun is out but the wind makes it cool. The bench is old but it is still holding. The bus is just down the street paving it's way up the hill. The man sits with his hat on, clothes clean and with money in his pocket. The woman as well is cleanly dressed but clothes fitting slightly snug, a hat and has crumpled money in her pocket. The bus is still in sight, coming up the street.

It's been a long while since she use to spend the night at his place. It's been long since he bought her clothes or jewelry for presents. He didn't feel used, he just felt welcomed when she was around. Like he wasn't forgotten. Important.
It's been a long while since he let her come over. It's been long since she was gifted new clothes and jewelry. It may have been for her own selfishness but she loved the attention and being pampered. Like she was adored. Loved

The bus is just a few yards now. Getting closer as they sit in the breeze as two on a bench. One man, one woman. Two people.

She started to get on my nerves. She just wouldn't stop trying to come over all the time and have me pay for her things. I felt used. Invalid.
He started to boss me around. He'd tell me what to do and who I should talk to or not hang out with. I felt incapable. Devastated.

The license plate on the bus is visible with a slight glare from the sun. A few more feet and one man and one woman will stand up from the old bench to board the bus as two.

So I looked elsewehere. I found another girl that treats me good and loves when they are with me. I buy her things because I want to and not because I feel I have to. I feel alive. Valid.
So I looked at other sexes. I found someone but they think I'm creepy and nasty for having a crush on them. I want to talk to her but I always feel I upset her and have ruined our friendship. I feel akwardness. Demoralized.

The white bus pulls up to the wooden bench. One man and one woman now standing wait for the doors to open. As they do they look at each other to see who goes on first. They are two. The two smile. The two get on the bus and sit. The man sits up front, the woman sits in back. Two become one.

She doesn't know about his, his other girl. He doesn't know about her, her other girl. And they don't know the other girl is not two. The other girl

(This is a true story between two people I know. Life can be...interesting. I added in the scenery of the bus/bench, but the thoughts and feelings are all real. The only non truth is the last line, which I added for effect because I wanted to add some depth to the idea of possiblities. This story I actually was writing in my purse notebook while eating out with the girl & waiting for her to finish. She said, "Are you writing about me?" I said, "No, I'm just writing down things to remember...")

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