Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Journey Back to Writing

I use to write and write a lot. In fact, I remember my first poem ever written. It was called "the Tent". My family was out on a camping trip and I was hanging out in the canvas cover of our large red Ford Expedition back in the early '90s. From then, I was hooked writing poems about anything. Next when I was a teenager, I took on book writing. Back in the day of word processors, I thought the "reformat" button was a good thing! To my devastation I lost two stories started...

Then in high school, I wrote a book, handwritten this time, and was half way done writing it. Next thing I know, the notebook is lost! What is up with my luck? I want the story back and I'm ready to give it a second go. In the meantime, I'm going to write what I can when I can here on my new Blog for practice as suggested by a friend. Hope this helps!


Emily R. King said...

You're doing it, Tammy! That's all that matters. Once we get things set up on your blog, I'll post about your new blog and send some followers your way.


Tammy Theriault said...

Wow, four days later, and I notice you commented. I can't wait for you to show me how to work a blog! Thanks Emily. You helped inspire the return with your lasting efforts and talking about your own writing. We shall meet soon & I'm looking forward to it!!